About me

The natural world around us always fascinated me. I love to see things grow and let them grow myself. As a kid, In my parents garden, I always had a corner where I gould grow my own plants. And during my study, when I lived in Amsterdam, with no garden on the second floor, I made my own garden on a shelf outside my window. Back then I grew my first bonsai, because there was no room for bigger trees. 

Now I have my own garden with a small green house and of course some bonsai trees.

Apart from growing things I like to make things. I am a trained industrial designer with a passion for crafts, and working with natural materials like wood and clay. 

I work with clay since kindergarten. Taking classes and workshops along the way. 

In 2020 I lost my job due to Covid19 and I started making bonsai pots . In this webshop I sell the pots I make.

I also theach pottery in the studio I share with my wife "de Kunststudio".