How to choose the right pot for your bonsai?

Look for harmony. The shape and size of the bonsai pot has to be in relation to the size and height of the tree.

To help you select the perfect pot for your bonsai, we offer these guidelines:

  •  The depth of the pot should be in direct proportion to the thickness of the trunk.
  •  The length of a pot is usually about two-thirds the height of the tree.
  •  Trees that have thick trunks look right in chunky looking deep pots.
  •  Thinner and more slender trees look better in shallower pots.
  •  Masculine looking trees need pots with strong angles
  •  Trees that look more feminine need round pots
  •  For conifere and pinetrees use unglazed pots
  •  Avoid internally galzed pots (mine never are)
  • Choose stoneware pots above terracotta (Almost all my pots are stoneware)

But in the end, it is a matter of taste. Your taste.

If you have a hard time deciding I can help!